Training sessions are optional for all members.

Training Venue

Training Sessions start and finish at the Club Room which opens onto the running track field located behind the Sports Hall, Builth Wells.  (you can't miss it...)

Training Routes

Vary – we go anywhere and everywhere!  We have access to many beautiful public routes around Builth which include the Wye Valley Walk, Garth Bank and the Groe to name a few! 


Thursdays:  start 6.30pm.  In the summer months, we have a supervised track session with a professional coach for the more experienced runners, plus a run/walk session for beginners.


Wednesdays:  start 6.45pm.

We currently have two groups, running for approximately 30 minute and 50 minute sessions. 

Any beginners interested in giving it a go, please contact us and we will be happy to give you up to date information on the training sessions and book an appropriate place for you.

You can expect a warm welcome and plenty of encouragement and advice from fellow runners.  I
f you are unsure of clothing, layers are best.  Its cold to start off but you soon warm up, and then again at the end when you cool down. Shoes… yes we do recommed something suitable for running! ;-) 

High-viz bibs sponsored by David Jones, Building Contractor are provided, but in Winter months, if possible, please bring a small torch with you as we then have to keep our routes around town under the street lighting, but there can be dark areas. 

If you are interested in coming along, please contact Celia for joining details.  The training schedule below is used for our walk and run group:-

Week #


No Reps



walk 1 minute, jog 2 minutes

x 8

Intake week.


walk 1 minute, jog 3 minutes

x 7



walk 1 minute, jog 5 minutes

x 6


walk 1 minute, jog 8 minutes

x 5


walk 1 minute, jog 10 minutes

x 4


walk 1 minute, jog 12 minutes

x 3


walk 1 minute, jog 15 minutes

x 2


Jog 30 minutes without stopping.

x 1

Half hour milestone reached. 

8 +

Join 30 and 40/50 minute groups


progress through the groups at your own pace


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